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The evidence of hail, wind and other storm damage to your property are considered an insurance loss on your homeowner’s policy. Depending on the extent of that evidence, most insurance companies will pay the entire cost (less your deductible) for replacing the roof if it is damaged. These insurance claims are also considered a natural disaster and cannot count against you for future targeted rate increases. 85Roof specializes in accident and weather-related damage assessment, repair and replacement; exterior services include roofing, gutters, siding, and widows; interior services incorporate painting, sheetrock, ceiling texturing, and flooring. If desired, we will help you deal with your insurance company, including meeting with your insurance adjuster if requested…a very normal part of our business. Our involvement ensures you won’t get stuck with a settlement that won’t cover your repair/replacement costs, or even worse, have your claim denied altogether.

Discovering significant damage to your roof can be a stress-inducing time for homeowners. Dealing with insurance companies, while trying to find reputable roofers, can be disheartening and exhausting. Having to navigate the insurance claim process can require lots of following up with insurance clerks, claims reps and adjusters…and in many cases, even your mortgage company. To ease the burden of successfully navigating these waters from start to desired finish—a claim pay-out—contact us at 85ROOF. We know the insurance companies and their claims processes, and the very best way to deal with each one…with the goal being to move the claim forward to a conclusion that will allow you to relax and rest easy throughout, while getting the result you want. We meet sometimes daily with insurance adjusters in the field, and have great rapport with all of them because we advocate boldly, but always respectfully, an approach that is respected and appreciated. Believe it or not, it can be done efficiently when you understand the process, and we truly are experts at this…we’ve been doing it a long time! 

So should you decide to make the call, we are experienced and equipped to help you make the wisest, most informed decision possible for your family. We will be open, honest and transparent with our recommendations after a thorough investigation…even if it leads us to recommend that you NOT file a claim. But we’ll thoroughly explain our rationale so you can make the decision that makes the most sense for you. Either way, we’ll make sure you feel both equipped and comfortable to make that decision.

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